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We make distressed investments in assets that present significant risk but that offer high potential returns in structured transactions, equity and working capital.


Through a broad and effective approach, we implemented customized measures based on the contribution of financial resources and know-how in management, governance and funding for restructuring, operational and financial recovery.


We provide instruments for immediate control, with cash generation and preservation initiatives from moments of crisis to the establishment of a sustainable cash culture. We also help to improve projections and cash flow visibility, including the release of capital from working capital accounts, with the equation of the short-term and long-term capital structure and increase in the company's value.


We are specialists in working capital structuring. We develop customized solutions for optimizing cash flow with equating the short-term and long-term capital structure.

  • Private Equity;

  • Structured Financial Operations;

  • Working Capital Operations;

  • Structuring of guarantees;

  • Promotion for the purchase of raw materials;

  • Decrease in bank indebtedness;

  • Foreign exchange operations;

  • Judicial credit rights;

  • Stressed assets.

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We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Last consolidated contractual amendment or bylaws;

  • Balance Sheets + DRE's for the last 03 (three) years;

  • Balance sheet + DRE accumulated for the year;

  • Debt framework;

  • Monthly invoicing, closed per year for the last three financial years and for the current year.

We are a family owned and operated business.


The information and documents will be received by Grand Hill for the purpose of prior analysis of the feasibility of the operation. The receipt of information and documents does not represent an obligation and commitment to carry out an operation, not binding any party contractually.


The information and documents will be covered by secrecy and confidentiality, committing Grand Hill not to disclose any data or information to third parties, as well as not to allow any of its legal representatives, employees and / or representatives to misuse that data or information.

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