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Grand Hill - Legal is an area of expertise specialized in the technical-legal area, covering the provision of expert technical services in the accounting and financial areas.


Expertise and Technical Reports

Expert advice, technical advice, conducting forensics, interpretations of reports and material evidence, preparing questions, technical guidance in the areas of accounting and financial expertise.


Presentation of complete reports, with diagnoses, opinions and solutions in line with current legislation


Classification and quantification of the risks applied to each activity


Our services:

  • Analysis and preparation of accountability calculations;

  • Elaboration of technical opinion for judicial processes (initial petition, contestation, challenges, executions);

  • Elaboration of regular, complementary, supplementary and explanatory items;

  • Compliance with the terms of due diligence of the judicial experts and the judge's offices;

  • Preparation of an Accounting Expert Report and an Accounting Technical Opinion on a judicial expert's report.


Reports and opinions in:

  • Company Valuation;

  • Valuation of Shareholders' Equity;

  • Spin-off, extinction, merger or corporate incorporation;

  • Dissolution of companies;

  • Payment of Social Capital with non-monetary assets;

  • Loss of profits;

  • Accountability.

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