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Turnaround & Recovery

We advise companies in crisis management through the analysis, planning and implementation of business restructuring and recovery initiatives.


We add value through our experience in crisis situations combined with an interdisciplinary approach, in which immediate control actions, appropriate communication with related parties and the correct understanding of the situation are vital for the survival of the business.





  • Crisis control.

  • Understanding of priorities.

  • Focus on cash flow.

  • Strategy definition.

  • Search for alternatives.

  • Negotiation with stakeholders.

  • Creation of the recovery plan.

  • Details of the actions.

  • Execution assistance.

  • Monitoring of goals and initiatives.

  • Transition of knowledge to the internal team.

Operational Restructuring:

  • Reduction of costs / expenses.

  • Generation of operating cash.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Financial Restructuring:

  • Liabilities Restructuring.

  • Asset sales.

  • Cash management.

Judicial and Extrajudicial Recovery

Law 11.101 / 2005 regulates Judicial and Extrajudicial Reorganizations. It has a multidisciplinary nature, recommending the application of technical, legal and financial-accounting knowledge. For this reason, the importance of the company's systemic vision is fundamental for success in the recovery process.

Our services:

  • Assistance to Debtors : preparation of the necessary documents for the filing of the judicial reorganization request, preparation and monitoring of the General Meeting of Creditors, preparation of reports in the judicial reorganization process and in compliance with the plan.

  • Recovery Plan : preparation of the judicial and extrajudicial restructuring plan, including a detailed breakdown of the means of recovery, analysis and demonstration of the economic viability and economic-financial report and valuation of the company's assets and assets.

  • Negotiation with Creditors : mediation between creditors and companies undergoing judicial reorganization.

  • Creditors' advice : representation, analysis of recovery plans, preparation of alternative plans, expertise of the qualified credit, monitoring of the execution of the approved plan.

Debt Renegotiation

We prepared the entire process for negotiations on stretching and reducing debt, including negotiations with creditors.


The work is based on the technical study of the economic and financial reality of the company to define the conditions necessary for the re-profiling of the liabilities, including the time required for payment and interest. This methodology provides effective compliance with the negotiations.


  • Financial Institution

  • Providers

  • Employees


  • Lengthening of deadlines

  • Principal reduction

  • Reduction of fees

  • Trading road show

Working capital

We advise companies and investors in different situations involving cash, from the moments of crisis to the establishment of a sustainable cash culture.


We add value through a practical approach of immediate control with cash generation and preservation initiatives. We also help to improve projections and cash flow visibility, including the release of capital from working capital accounts.


Equating the short-term cash structure / Equating the capital structure.

Our services:

Credit operations

  • Differentiated solution to anticipate credits (trade bills, post-dated checks, commercial contracts, credit card, commercial, industrial, service receivables);

  • Promotion for the purchase of raw materials;

  • Optimization of cash flow;

  • Greater financial capacity to fulfill the contract;

  • Decrease in bank indebtedness and SISBACEN risk center.

Trade Finance

Structuring of working capital solutions through import and export operations.


  • Exchange;

  • ACC - Advance on foreign exchange contracts;

  • ACE - Advances on foreign exchange delivered;

  • Finimp - Import financing;

  • Export and import crashes.


Distressed Private Equity Funds

Advising Investment Funds or companies in restructuring processes. The process involves management, governance, funding for restructuring, operational and financial recovery and an increase in the value of companies. Companies that are in operation, with solid fundamentals, but that present, or that, due to sectoral and / or macroeconomic projections, tend to show in the coming years - deterioration of their financial and / or operational sustainability.


With an experienced and diversified view of business, we access a high level of Private Equity funds, promote the adequacy of the fund's profile with the client's profile and timing and apply techniques to maximize value for those involved.

Judicial Credit Rights

We operate in the negotiation of credits originating from lawsuits.

  • Origination of judicial credits;

  • Overdue and unpaid corporate credits;

  • Restructured debts;

  • Procedural diligence and opinion;

  • Financial evaluation and advice on negotiations.


Our BPI services in Controllership allow clients to focus on their core business, redirecting management efforts towards the company's core activity from a set of consistent, reliable and comparable information, which provide the best basis for decision making .


Through an exclusive methodology applied by an experienced and highly capable multidisciplinary team, our back office outsourcing area implements solutions in controllership outsourcing services with a commitment to reducing costs, improving productivity and quality with transferring know-how and developing solutions tailor made.


Cash Flow Management


Based on an understanding of the company's situation and the intended objective, the scope of work comprises structuring the Cash Flow Management and Restructuring Plan, with a focus on rebuilding trust with all parties involved and transferring processes to management, in order to enable it to continue to efficiently manage cash in the long term.


Through consistent management and effective cash preservation / generation initiatives, it is possible to promote significant business benefits.


Periodic meetings with the objective of verifying the cash needs based on the inflows and outflows forecasts and defining the payment priorities, as well as the approaches to be made for debt renegotiations.


Implementation of technical reports with a focus on visibility, forecasting and monitoring of daily and weekly cash flows, in addition to daily updates of performance indicators.

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